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How To Keep A Food Diary and Why

food-diaryMany of us don’t realise what we are really eating. When you think back at what you have eaten throughout the day, you’ll generally remember the main meals you had and possibly some of the snacks. What you won’t remember is exactly what went into your meals and the foods you grazed on – which are so easily forgotten. By keeping a food diary you have a really accurate record of what you have eaten. This allows you (and your Personal Trainer) to look at all sorts of things – for example whether you’re eating the right amounts and whether the balance of food types is ideal. Knowing what you are eating allows you to become accountable for the food you put in your mouth as well as looking out for any underlying problems or patterns.

Keeping A Food Diary

Keeping a food diary is easy, you just have to be organised. Firstly you should get a diary for the year, with plenty of space under each day. You should get into the habit of updating this after every meal if you can. Don’t worry if this isn’t always possible. To make sure you don’t miss out items from your diary, you could also have a notepad app on your phone or tablet – so you can make notes of what you have eaten and then transfer this to your diary at a later date. Things to include in your diary are – what you ate, how much and if there are any additions that you made to the food – e.g extra mayonnaise or sauce.

Don’t miss anything out – remember the whole point of a food diary is for it to be as accurate as possible.

As part of your regular reviews with your Personal Trainer this diary will be reviewed to make sure you’re eating the right types and amounts of food to achieve your health and fitness goals.

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