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Personal Training vs. Joining a Gym

slim-vs-fatWhether you want to just get a bit fitter, lose weight or train for a sporting event exercise the problem that many people face is deciding between signing up with a personal trainer or joining a gym. The truth is that both of these have their good and bad points, read on and we’ll help you decide which is going to be the best for you.

Commitment and Motivation

When you sign up with a personal trainer you have set appointment times that you need to keep to. This means that you’re accountable to someone and that it matters when you don’t turn up. This is a fantastic way of making sure that you stay motivated and don’t just skip sessions when you’re too tired or feeling lazy.


On the flip side of this, joining a gym allows you to be more flexible with your time. If you wake up in the morning and feel like working out before you go to work then you can – a personal trainer probably won’t be as happy for you to call them at 7am and say you need a work out (but you can always try!).


If you look at the amount you’ll pay, you will probably find that the gym works out cheaper. You generally pay a set monthly fee to join a gym and can often negotiate a discount. However, can you honestly say that you make the most of your gym sessions and get the  best value for money? Probably not. With a personal trainer you get  a full work out session each time, so even if it costs you slightly more you definitely get MUCH better value for money.

A Full Work Out

When you join a gym you’re giving a bit of advice on how to use machines but then generally you’re left to your own devices. When you sign up with a personal trainer you get help and advice every session, which generally means you get a better work out too. Your trainer will guide to you help you achieve your goals, and will organise your programme to ensure you won’t overwork any specific part of your body. A trainer will make sure you make the of your time and that you exercise efficiently and safely.

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